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What is the purpose of the MyDigital Alliance Leadership Council?

The MyDigital Alliance Leadership Council is a public-private partnership initiated by the Social & Economic Research Initiative (SERI) and Microsoft in conjunction with its Bersama Malaysia commitment. It is established to serve as an active collaborative platform for senior officials and leaders from the public and private sectors as  well as civil society organizations and academia to exchange ideas and share  resources


on a range of policy issues. This is in support of the Government's MyDigital aspiration to transform Malaysia into a regional leader in the digital economy and fuel the nation's competitiveness through broad adoption of digital-native and cloud-first policies. The inaugural convening of the MyDigital Alliance Leadership Council focused on policy recommendations to enhance and accelerate the transformation of education, skilling, and employability, in line with the nation's priority to nurture a competitive, dynamic, and resilient digital workforce for the future.

What roles do SERI and Microsoft play in the MyDigital Alliance Leadership Council?

As we emerge from the pandemic, governments across the world have sharpened their focus on the development of inclusive and resilient COVID exit strategies.  Key to such efforts is the introduction of enabling policies and expanded deployment of new technologies, skilling, and economic opportunities, particularly those enabled by the cloud. 

The MyDigital Alliance Leadership Council, part of Microsoft’s #BersamaMalaysia commitment, will comprise a series of multi-stakeholder meetings to inform the development of digital-first policies that spur innovation and competitiveness. SERI (Social & Economic Research Initiative), a thinktank focused on reducing inequality at the intersection of technology and society, in partnership with Microsoft, will be presenting findings and policy recommendations to the Government, in an effort to enable meaningful implementation of the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint.

Is there anything tangible that resulted from the first meeting of the council? 

Findings from the multi-stakeholder discussion are being compiled into a policy paper to be presented to the Government. This will inform the development of evidence-based policy recommendations for inclusive education, skilling, and employability in line with the recently launched Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint.

Why is it necessary to form an alliance to tackle the digital talent issue present in Malaysia?

The Government of Malaysia has initiated a bold and progressive vision through the MyDigital and Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint, as well as comprehensive economic stimulus packages as part of Malaysia’s COVID-19 recovery efforts. In order to deliver impactful results, the growth trajectory of our nation requires the participation and support of diverse stakeholders, allowing us to leverage strengths and perspectives across private sector, public sector, civil society, and academia.


As such, the MyDigital Alliance is envisioned to be a collaborative platform to enable multi-stakeholder and cross-sector collaboration to drive Malaysia’s digital economy forward. While the government plays a key role by shaping the vision and facilitating innovation, private sector, public sector, civil society, academia and the rakyat, young and old, must all come together to enable and achieve the goals set out in the Blueprint.

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