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 Past Events  

Digital Dialogue SERIes 2021 : Malaysia’s Digital Economy Blueprint

23 March 2021

Digital technology is an increasingly critical tool for Malaysia’s economic, social, and political development. Given its exponential growth, ambitious but pragmatic and measurable milestones are essential to enable Malaysia to reap the full benefits of the digital economy. 


Join our 'Digital Dialogue SERIes: Malaysia’s Digital Economy Blueprint' where the keynote speech will be given by Dato' Sri Mustapa Mohamed, the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department for Economic Affairs. He will be joined by distinguished stakeholders in a panel discussion that seeks to debate the Blueprint, which is a ten-year road map aiming to transform Malaysia into a digitally-driven, high income nation and a regional leader in the digital economy.

Digital Dialogue Series 3 : CYBERSECURITY - Protecting Privacy, Identity & Property

December 3, 2020

As more and more of our transactions and interactions go online, protecting our identity, privacy and property in cyberspace needs to be a major priority for everybody. The already rapid pace of development in IT and telecommunications, accelerated by the new norm, can easily overwhelm our trusting nature and adversely impact all of us if we are unprepared. Join our Digital Dialogue series for an overview of the Malaysian Cyber Security Strategy 2020-2024. Get aware of the latest cyber threats and how organisations are shielding themselves against it, and how you too can do likewise, free of charge.

Digital Dialogue Series 2 : Unlocking Blockchain

November 18, 2020

BLOCKCHAIN will affect humankind in unprecedented ways. Even as the pundits of economy are trying to grasp its application, its fullest potential has yet to be unleashed. Khairy Jamaluddin and our panel of experts to demystify the application of blockchain. Learn how it is changing the world and how it will affect us financially, socially, and politically. This live forum will discuss the magnificent power of blockchain technology that is set to transform the world rapidly.

Digital Dialogue Series : Digital Upskilling - Dissecting The Challenges Malaysia Faces in

Embracing Digital Distruption.

October 22, 2020

Digital Upskilling is inevitable in the face of digital disruption in the new normal. Join our Digital Dialogue Series as we unlock the knowledge and application of Digital Upskilling with YB Nurul Izzah Anwar and our panel of experts.

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