Press Statement

Addressing our Education Crisis: Square Pegs in Round Holes?

Malaysia cannot afford to continue waiting for centralised decision-making on the back of assumptions from a different era. There are differences to the uniformity of issues, preferences, and resources across our 13 states and the federal territories. A lack of agile governance increases the likelihood that 2021 will be memorable for the wrong reasons, as far as primary and secondary education are concerned.
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Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint: Towards A Resilient and Inclusive Digital Economy for All

Data provides the necessary fuel for emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. “We welcome the Government’s bold and progressive vision as set out in the Malaysia Digital Economic Blueprint”, shared Dr Jasmine Begum, Director of Legal & Government Affairs, ASEAN and SEA New Markets, Microsoft.  Read more.

Towards a Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020 revealed that gender parity will not be attained for 99.5 years. While women in Malaysia excel in education and healthcare, women continue to lag behind men in economic and political participation. Despite women comprising 7 in 10 of our frontliners, for every RM100 in salaries and wages received by men, women only receive RM94.07. Read more.

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Ke arah Kementerian Kesaksamaan Jantina dan Keluarga 

Laporan Jurang Jantina Forum Ekonomi Dunia 2020 mendedahkan bahawa keseimbangan jantina tidak akan tercapai untuk tempoh 99.5 tahun. Sekalipun wanita di Malaysia cemerlang dalam bidang pendidikan dan kesihatan, namun masih ketinggalan berbanding lelaki dalam penyertaan ekonomi dan politik. 7 daripada 10 barisan hadapan terdiri daripada wanita, namun mereka hanya menerima RM94.07 berbanding RM 100 bagi lelaki.  Baca Lanjutan.