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Digital Dialogue Series 2: Unlocking Blockchain

Unlocking Blockchain was the theme of today’s Digital Dialogue session, with YB Khairy Jamaluddin, Minister of Science Technology and Innovation, Jasmine Ng of iPay88, John Low of Roland Berger, Chong Kai Wooi, and Chern Pong Chan of NEC Malaysia. The session was moderated by Dr Helmy Haja Mydin.


Key takeaways:


1. While #blockchain is often used interchangeably with Bitcoin, there is much more to blockchain than #cryptocurrency. In addition to financial services, blockchain can be used in various other sectors, including digital ID, trade facilitation, elections, and medicine/vaccine supply chain management.


2. We must question the applicability of old policies and processes to new technologies. As blockchain use accelerates around the world, we have an opportunity to find Malaysia's niche. The Halal economy, sustainable palm oil, and traceability of durian were some key use cases discussed during the session.


3. Transparency and trust are central to blockchain technology. This must be coupled with a robust ecosystem comprising community-ready accessible information, digital-native policies, resilient digital infrastructure, and talent development.

Do join us at the next Digital Dialogue session on December 3rd!

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