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Securing Malaysia’s Digital Future: Cyber Threats and Opportunities

December 2022

The substantial increase in connectivity and data generation, the explosion of the number of connected devices, and the rapid take-up of technologies such as cloud computing, advanced robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) are fundamentally changing the way organizations do business and how governments provide public services and engage with citizens.At the same time, with every new system or device that is connected to the internet, the scope for cyber-attacks grows, as do the consequences of successful attacks. As cyber-attackers become ever more sophisticat ed in their operations and cyber-criminals ever more ambitious, policymakers are responding with increasing agility and innovation.


Digital Regulatory Transformation

as an Enabler for Socio-Economic

Revitalisation and Growth

Rashaad Ali  I  November,2021

Secure, trusted, and inclusive application of technology is more critical than ever in a nation’s economic recovery. A trusted, responsible, and inclusive digital strategy will form the foundation necessary to meaningfully unlock potential, build resilience, and develop the digital economy. It is imperative that we identify and prioritise agile and timely implementation of key policies to leverage technology as an enabler in socio-economic revitalization and growth.

COVID-19 And Deprivation: A Pilot Study
at Food Banks 

Rashaad Ali  I  November,2021

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a profound public health crisis in Malaysia. This is only eclipsed by its socioeconomic impact that was worsened by the multiple Movement Control Orders (MCO). Malaysians from all walks of life struggle with the immediat, prolonged and endemic impact of the pandemic but as the adage goes, though we face the same storm, we may not be in the same boat. 

Covid-19 Exit Strategy to The New (now) Normal

Nabila Hussain  I  October,2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an extraordinary health and economic crisis for countries around the world. We are now faced with the challenge of closing the opportunity divide. The first edition of 'Covid-19 Exit Strategy to The New (now) Norm) will elaborate on how do we ensure that citizens across Malaysia and beyond are able to transform digital divides into digital dividends.

Covid-19 Exit Strategy to The New (now) Normal

Nabila Hussain  I  October,2020

As digital technology and data have become indispensable tools for governments to combat the virus, digital support has become critical for the world’s first responders. The second edition of 'Covid-19 Exit Strategy to The New (now) Norm) will explain more on digital infrastructure which alsi covers a digital native policy paradigm; anchored on technology, powered by trust. 

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