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Ibrahim Sani's Notepad:  Policy Focus - Technology

26 August  2021

As the government prepares itself to receive new ministerial appointments, we take a look at some key aspects of policy decisions they must embark in order to keep the nation stay competitive. Ibrahim Sani speaks with Nabila Hussain, Tech Policy Fellow, of the think tank - Social & Economic Research Initiative (SERI).

7  April  2021

The subsea cables built by Facebook have reignited the debate on Malaysia’s Cabotage policy. Is this protectionism or is it meant to stimulate domestic shipping growth? Ibrahim Sani speak with Nabila Hussain, Tech Policy Fellow, Social & Economic Research Initiative (SERI) on this

7  January  2021

Vaccine : Malaysia's Preparation with Dr Helmy Haja Mydin CEO of SERI and Head of The Lung Centre, Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur 

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