and society

Digital disruption is the new norm. But what does it actually mean, and how do we prevent its implementation from becoming a pervasion? The many aspects of digital technology have the potential to be a boon to our economy as well as address social inequality. However, we must ensure that we are protected from its worst excesses - from a paradoxical increase in inequality to misuse of privacy - as we continue to explore innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Economy and social justice

The rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer. Policies to reduce inequality by tackling the root causes of poverty must be identified, alongside barriers to implementation. Non-partisan social safety nets - and trampolines - are essential for the country to get through economic crises.


Environmental conservation and sustainability are the defining crisis of our generation. To survive the future, we must work to secure the present by realigning our behavior in harmony with our environment. SERI aspires to engage current topics on sustainable living to future-proof society, to embrace a new way of doing things as we keep up with an ever-changing world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance as well as the lack of investment in public health. Global health outcomes are very much dependent on the healthcare systems that are in place - your health and death is very much a function of your wealth. Ensuring a fair and sustainable healthcare service is a goal that all countries must achieve in order to protect the well-being of their citizens.

Healthcare reform


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“We must work together to ensure the equitable distribution of wealth,

opportunity, and power in our society.”

Nelson Mandela